Silent Bob cheeseburgers and pizza and spaghetti are my favorite foods
i devour them
moonshine its much more divine to have your way with something as soft as a peach! 000614
silentbob you know.....i could eat a peach for hours. 000705
Syrope if only there were a peach big enough for me to eat on it for hours. i'd give my soul to have a hack at one that big. i always hated that james and the giant peach book cuz the first thing he shoulda done was cut it into slices n frozen it but nooo... 020408
SpaG yo!!! spaghetti is te best food anyone could ever invent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chesseburgers are the second best!!! la la la la la ...... ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a freak 020409
Rin i like mine with lettuce and tomato, heinz 57 and french fried potato, a bug coaster pickle and a cold draft beer, now good god allmighty which way do i steer? 031201
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