Bizzar My best friend. Even if we dont talk as much as we used to. The one who was there for me when absolutely no one else was. The one who listened to me bitch and whine, and was always there to cheer me up and wipe my tears. The one who I will be there for until the day I die, because he means the world to me even if he doesnt know.

Bry - thank you for everything, thank you for making my fantasy come true. Lol. Thank you for being there for me time after time, even when we were more than friends. Even after all the shit I put u through, youre still here for me. You dont know what it means to me that we are able to stay this close after everything that we went through. I love you so much, and I dont know where I would be without you. You can always make me laugh, no matter how shitty I feel. you can always make me feel better. I will always be here for you no matter what. Thank you for you, cause I would be lost without.

*Why dont you know that you are?*
Halacious A "Brian, Brian, Brian..I'm dissapointed in you. You are in and out of jail all of the time! GEt back to reality! 030710
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