moonshine Spying on figs in the local Drug store, and over inflated gray haired men with fishing lures. 000711
nah....! it's fucking annoying when you forget to bring these to a concert. goddamn.

my sister and i forgot last week.
nah....! i wanted to tap on the back of the person in front of me and ask if i could please borrow hers for a minute or two, but i thought that would be inappropriate, so i didn't. 011113
not important reming me of squirrels. I hate squirrels. 030706
Strideo "Welcome you to use this series of binoculars!"

"Wrapping up her apperance with rubber, you can feel more comfortable. Whether travelling, watching sports comptitions
or enjoying the Mother nature's marvellous spectacle, the binoculars can offer you help and add to endless joys."

Some maintenance tips.... "Your binocular have been adjusted and calibrated accurately in the factory, please don't dismantle
it at will."

"Don't make you binoculars baked or corroded, please."
randomly recent ! 040107
BloodyRedVelvet Why not?
I can do what I want to since I am so full of sh*t.

Bake my brains, yum, yum.

We need more brains...
what's it to you?
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