birdmad my hero 010209
G_wiz13 who the fuck is that? thats like the third time i have heard that name. 010209
ClairE Ha.

Awesome dude. (What about Opus?)

What about eek_the_cat?
bill the cat Ack! Thppft! bleeh! hack! cough! 011130
silentbob I care for opus a great deal. 011130
whoknows kitty the bruce 011201
Doar yay! 040727
globalfruitbat milo...I'm feeling very very small, Milo...

step on that ant. nnow you're huge


Milo... I'm feeling very very guilty, Milo...


Who you guys got to go up against reagan in the fall (from a Modale supporter in the primaries leading up to the 1984 election)

A dead cat.

*shrugs and walks in*
witchesrequiem I like it! If I could send my cats a Bill for all the shit they have destroyed .... and they actually got a job and paid it, I would be so fucking happy.
I keep telling them, couches, glasses and my meds are not cheap..I wish I was a loved, spoiled little cat. Free food, shelter, toys and unconditional love.
Hmmm .... maybe in another life.
perrier hehehe. 040729
TK ...bc I sure az hell aint payin 040828
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