amy nada "Taken from here to where it came from
and taken to a place
and used in such a manner that it can only remain as
a representation of what it was where it came from" Lawrence Weiner, 1980. on the wall in the modern_wing, in a green font.
srealisma i really need to make it to the Greek Roman statue stuff before Picasso turns the place into a Ringling's Barnum and Bailey sub woofer zone.

Lichtenstein was kinda eh. I was disappointed. I mean I was wowed with color, but I was also disappointed. (I ran into alumni from my college on an outing by the giftshop t-shirts. She chose the unartsy signatures. I chose the Frank Lloyd Wright pattern of Saguaro cactus. They were on sale. She didn't want to talk to me really but I insisted. I sincerely felt the urge to improve the health-factor for her (alumni wife i talked to.) Thinking there were probably whole worlds of garden reality she was nerdily missing. She probably thought I was off my rocker weird. Which I am. yeah. have a bad habit of always trying to talk about what really needs talking about whether i know what to say or not. and if i fail to think of it i just don't talk. eh chances are she was the exact same way.)

anyway, yeah yeah whatever.
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