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birdmad road trip up out of texas after visiting the relatives, six years old
1978, summer

mom and dad and the mix of country, old 50's rock and ranchera in dad's tape player, my brother and i riding in the camper with games, coloring books and parliament's "one nation under a groove" in the 8-track

on the way to visit a friend of the family and do some camping out in North Carolina

hot night, Little Rock ...old fashioned motel with the air-conditioner units in the windows

honeysuckle blossoms along the far wall of the motel yard, kids playing in the setting sun; me, my brother, a few other kids in the same age range from some of the other rooms

the two kids from the room next to ours showed us the honeysuckle

pulling the stem from the blossom

the children who came through that place, not knowing any better, must have been a real drag for the hummingbirds we saw flitting around the corners as we left the next morning

lunch in tennessee

and that night chasing fireflies in the smokies.

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