in a silent way fear makes a mockery of hope
twists it into something
indifferent and cold
an improvised hammer gathering nails
like so many unwanted suitors

you could belong to anyone
but you belong to me
if people are possessions
and stars are freckles
on the face of god
unhinged duality

the buddhist teaching of abandoning hope as the other side of fear resonated at an indescribable level. i always came to hope in times of desperation, when it seemed like no path of action could lead me to a better place. hope left me just as paralyzed as fear, just another force of my_depression_is_a_hole_in_the_ground sucking me in and keeping me under.

i don't hope for anything anymore
if i want something
i go out and take it

'where i'm from nobody ask for nothing, we just go out and take it' - machine gun kelly
what's it to you?
who go