fluxphile Aeon, pee-on, what a name. I'd have her pee on me all day. I'd love to lick her sweaty cones, and tender, careful, lick her nose. And, when the time, it comes, to fuck, I'll gladly cry out, "AEON FLUX!" 991203
ketonicla aeon (not flux) will only save those whom he deems worthy. all shall worship his fourth right toe. 001217
genevieve and you say you don't believe in anything... 010626
Bizzar There is something
in your eyes
flowing them over
stealing all the harmony
which lives in me
your hands are covering
my tears.

oh, why

There's a sort
of inner dance
trying to seduce me
feeling this anomaly
which takes me

your touch

you're here

your heart.

what's it to you?
who go