chanaka why do you do this to me? you say you trust me more than you trust god. you tell me your innermost stickiest secrets. you spill to me more than chocolate milk on a gray rug. then you tell me that i betray! there is no greater hurt than the accusation of betrayal. damn you. you hurt me so. i have done nothing to you other than care (which is too much for me) i am innocent, that gray rug before the milk was spilled. look at me. you have never met me, yet you can accuse me. why do i let you do this to me! fuck you. why can't you leave me be? and now i am left with that horrible skim milk aftertast. watch me cry over spilled milk hopelessly. 001031
klairchen spilled_milk 001101
Becky It's the worst feeling to be accused of something you didn't do. Or something u did that you know you must lie about 010414
Syrope might be worth it if they where they were going

you know? its like you throw so much of yourself, but if you don't get're the one that's losing
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