Allison I have this thing for Quentin Tarantino. not just his directing skills, but the man behind the man. I don't know why i like him, but i want to live what he sees. i want to be some kind of a bad-ass, but i don't think i'm slick enough. i'll just be one of those random characters. you know, the uncool ones, or i'll just be the mother of the children he refuses to love. 991209
Madame Justine There are few people I idolise nowadays. Quentin Tarantino's one of them.
Unlike in the past, I now feel there are barely any people I can truly relate to. People I can say have genuinely influenced me.
Quentin Tarantino is incredible. His movies and himself.
He also shares my fetish for feet. Always a good thing.
MollyCule I finally got Jeremy to watch Reservoir Dogs last night. Now it's his 2nd favorite movie. 010826
u24 did you see the sign?

pulp fiction has so many great moments.

"shit, negro! that's all you had to say!"
:) 041129
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