gja At risk of being rude, oh well actually, in full knowledge of being rude to someone - likely someone called or related to a 'Zoe" - can I just say:
What kind of pulpy name is Zoe?
No, I err, pulp is to generous. The name has nothing, zip, nada, no cred.

I know, I know, look up some name derivative web site you say. See for yourself.
The name has meaning you say.
It originates, hales and extends from such and such reverential place and period you say. Tell me I'm wrong, criticise, condemn and abandon me to the narrow minded clan if you will.
I will not resist, what grounds do I have - except:
Its just a crappy, uninspiring name.

She did look lovely in her white coat though...I just couldn’t bring myself to use your name.
angie I remember her, I was happy to see that she looked okay on Sunday. I still remember that day in school when she showed up with scratches all over her face. 081229
unhinged thank you for reminding me why i am a teacher. you will be great at whatever you decide to do. 150703
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