yumymchuckle !!!!
nobody told me radiohead was THAT good!
ok maybe im exaggerating but i love the song creep. some random stranger told me i MUST hear it.

so i just got it

oh love.
misstree methinks yummyC has been living in a box... i still quite recall a time that you couldn't go 5 minutes without hearing that song on the radio or EmptyVee. methinks also that thoughts like that make I feel old inside, as this was probably before many blatherers hit whatever point it is in life that causes you to recognize good music when you hear it.
anyhow, it is a good song.
yummychuckle i dont watch mtv or listen to the radio, and trust me, the radio in hawaii wont play that song. the stations are dominated by hawaiian music and bad 80s music. truuuust me on this.
but the song did seem familiar, like i heard it before, but i never paid attention.

living in hawaii is living in a box.

[[[oh sweet ignorance!]]]
silentbob loves you you'd think that with your knowledge of a lot of the underground music you listen to, eventually you would run into radiohead, which is quite mainstream. i guess this was your time. you are a woman now. 020413
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