...maybe it's just a matter of time. 021125
yenaldlosi huh? 021125
not nike swoosh 021125
yenaldlosi ok, i'm confused 021125
p2 i sold
yenaldlosi aboriginal word, steeped in dark magic, a forbidden whisper. 021125
p2 i'm sure laney would agree 021125
p2 i remember back in 7th grade
i had a friend who would repeat
"dog sausage"
because supposedly
that's how you pronounce
god and jesus backwards

i said i cut up my dog
to make some sausage
he freaked out
and said i was going to hell
i just grinned back at him

boy, those were the good old days
olene Who is laney? And why did you sell her? 021125
thoroughly confused what the hell is going on in here? 021125
yenaldlosi athabascan dialect, native american word, (yEH-naahld-low-sh) the name spoken, the meaning kept unspoken, even among those who know 021125
ever dumbening glad that you are a rambling_old_man; in fact, after blather_stalking you a bit (prompted by reference to living in Taos), i've passed a blather_edict requiring you to blather more.

continue your biography of earth.
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