kookaburra w00t!
you're in my world now, bruddah!
oh, what?
im not interesting enough?
you wanna see whats around you?
well, you're in your own house. least, you know its your house, but its very different. mainly youve suddenly got cathedral high ceilings with silvery party streamers hanging down.
to your left?
a loverly glass staircase, taking you all the way up to the ceiling, and leading you to an oak trapdoor. which is wrong_turn_dream_02
to your right?
your front door, sitting alluringly half open. behind it is wrong_turn_dream_03
right in front of you?
a big comfy couch, stationed in the warm glow of some trashy tv: wrong_turn_dream_04

and if you wanna leave-
so im not good enough fer ya, huh?
well why dont you go back to the chocolatey_walrus_forest!
and how are they connected you ask?
the world may never know...
kookaburra ChocolateyWalrusForest.
i mean you could try going to the chocolatey_walrus_forest, but i get the feeling you wouldnt get anywhere.
u24 lounges on the couch and tries to dicern signs of recent occupation 051011
u24 finds none, and heads off through the trapdoor 051011
what's it to you?
who go