typhoid spot the rot they tell the tot while feeding him some say
spot the rot they tell the tot but still you'd better pray
Pope Grendel DCLXVI the raptor bird in reverent collar

before a congregation of sheep and vultures

"Let us Prey"
andru235 many days will pass where i do not wink at anyone, and then suddenly i'll find myself winking at everyone.

i was introduced to another volunteer and i winked as i shook her hand

a client came in while i was volunteering and i smiled at him and winked and said, "i'll be there in a minute"

a troop of girl scounts came in and when they were leaving i gave them some stickers and handed them out with a wink, not even intending to wink once

while we were locking up i asked if someone wanted me to wait for them and when they said no i automatically winked and said, "see you next week!"

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