kx21 Virtually, we are in here...

Man, Chicken, Cow,
Body, Mind, Soul,
Man's BULLSHIT, Chicken's CHIP, Cow's MOO...
kx21 Tell me more about what are the flavors could be added into Chicken's Chip...
I will tell you how wonder you are...
The Truth I've always held that the universe could just be an artificial reality, that's why when the movie "The Matrix" came out, it already had a special place in my heart.

There are problems with existence that just don't seem to make sence. Either that, or our math is ALL wrong.

For instance, I discovered a hole in the substance of reality.

Look at a ruler, preferrable the space between one and two inches.

now cut that in half = 1/2 inch
cut that in half = 1/4 inch
cut that in half = get the point.

anyway, soon you get down into very small decimals. but now matter how small the number gets, you can always take that number and divide it in half.

So? you ask?

SO! I say!

There is an infinite amount of space in between 1 and 2!!!!!
I can measure an inch with my finger and my thumb, but believe me, there is an infinite amount of space there!

I don't recommend that you try this at home, it will drive you insane, oh wait, we are already all insane here at blather, nevermind...carry on!
kx21 well said...
And a supplement:-

There are limitless holes between
1 & 2, A & B, Man & Chicken, etc...
what's it to you?
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