me? n-v
viral vixen valiantly vowing violence.
a v in u?
open your i and step across. v will see you there.
me! victorious the v is valiantly displayed 991209
valis villainous vain vindictive v 991214
Atreys o i c u r meat, Mmmm meat 010802
Effingham Fish A genuinely human sci-fi story which squeezes talent out of players I didn't think had it in them. Check your video stores, rent a copy if you've got some free time, but avoid The Final Battle as though it contained a deadly virus. I rented it with a movie called Exterminators Of The Year 3000, and I think Exterminators actually entertained me more. 011030
blown cherry I know the back of the can says you shouldn't have more than 2 in a day, and i know that it kinda gives me the shakes and my heart feels a bit odd, and I'm never quite sure if I'm going to spew or if I'm going to feel better after the next sip, but man it feels great!

is so addicted :)
ely v is for vag 050222
narcisstic_grapes valiantly vamoose you vixen-y vampire.
what's it to you?
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