dandy Unnerving is as if one were watching a filleting and the thin grey-black smudge of spinal cord were tugged out of the flesh. 050101
megan to lay on my bed until 3 30 in the morning, with you just sitting there
talking about the most random things
and feeling so infinite it's incredible
life so simple, so pure now can hardly be anything but good
simply and truly good
i love that fact that we can be silent at times and be ok with that
i love it that we don't need to be told we love each other 24/7 and yet we still know it
and i love the fact that you make me a stronger and better person for all those things
you do bring out the very best in me, in all the ways of that horribly cliched phrase
you have become my breath and the air from which i draw that breath, and though it scares me a little to relent to that, i feel better about it with you than i ever have
you are my wings
and i am no longer human
what's it to you?
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