typhoid it's time for another..
A is for _ artifice, angelfish, ablewhackets, ableeze, agony, allure
B is for _ bereavement, bureaucracy, bloviate, banal, broom, broken
C is for _ carnation, cannibalism, collaboration, corporation, cone, cooking
D is for _ driver, donut, dilettante, dopamine, dongle, dangle, doze, diligent
E is for earache, error, erogenous, entity, elbow, ever, elimination
F is for _ fabrication, feline, fence, fellowship, fromage, freak, fluke, flutter
G is for _ gentile, gourmand, gong, greedy, greeting, grave_robber, gook, gunk, gun
H is for _ herbivore, heretic, hernia, hibernation, honk, horn, hallucination, however
I is for _ ingot, ivy, iridium, ivy, indolent, ivory, itchy, idiot, irritation
J is for _ jangle, jungle, jingle, journey, juicy, juke, jitty, jive
K is for _ kangaroo, kleptomaniac, klezmer, keeper, kelp, keen, kinship
L is for _ load, lifeless, lion, lying, lollipop, loopholes, lock_hole, lover
M is for _ mortality, maverick, moonshine, moving, motion, megaphone
P is for _ president, pony, pile, poison, pop_eye, pickle, present, powder
Q is for _ quill, quiver, quit, quest, queer, quigma, quiz, quilt, quell
R is for _ ranch, raving, rousing, raisin, raining, router, river, richest
S is for _ sordid, sentence, spoken, slouch, saliva, sate, snaked, soda
T is for _ toothache, tile, toot, taco, training, tract, tautology, tuesday
U is for _ underwear, undiscovered, unknown, ultra, unsure, usury, under
V is for _ vaccination, violent, voice, vilify, voucher, vent, vein, very
W is for _ world, waxes, wanes, wasted, wishes, watches, winter, woeful
X is for _ Xorn, xanthin, xenia, xiphoid, xylem, xyst, xerophyte
Y is for _ youthfully, yank, yiddish, yellow, younger, yelling, yaw
Z is for _ zero, zenith, zion, zoot, zotted, zoinks
typhoid N is for _ naked, nuke, necessity, nothingarian, no_no, noose, nine, nike, nose 000204
marjorie i have a paper under my bed that claims to be a treatise on feminist ideals and the destruction of gender equality. i wonder how it got there... 000614
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