silentbob how could you?
how could i?
lovers lament that i was your girl forever. guess forever doesn't mean much anymore.
if you can't keep the ones you love,
what's forever for?

forever means shit to me. you told me lies, but it wasn't your fault, you couldn't have known. . .that you were leaving.
silentbob i told her once that all i was looking for was a place to go. one place where i could be understood.
She looked at me with the blankest stare i have ever seen.
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niska rather be asked, with a please. 030301
silentbob i told you what i thought of him
and what happened with me and her
i told you how i liked you better
and what i think should be done with him
i told of things i don't remember
and things that i wish i could forget
i told you things about our friends
and friends we've recently made enemies of
i told you "um" thirteen billion times
and tried to ignore that telephone hum
i told you of the girls at work
you told me about seeing him
and calling him
and talking to him
and the status
and the confusion
and told me to ask again when you have a better grasp on it
what's it to you?
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