kx21 TOE Q3: Completeness of U

Is U complete / perfect?
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Answer From The Truth:-


U is neither complete nor perfect. It is complete in the sense that it's yin and yang are balanced. Most of us associate that balance with being complete. But it will not be complete until the limited span of Time has been allowed to run its course. since Time is a factor of U, and Time is not complete, then U is not complete. Perfection cannot exist where there is balance. In order for perfection to exist, then imperfections cannot exist. It must be all Yin(+) and no Yang(-) to be perfect.
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Photophobe TQE Q3: Completeness of U

Is U complete / perfect?

My initial response: U is incomplete.

I refer you to TQ 9.6 where kx21 expounded on satan_satan_satan's hypothesis as to the location of the blackest hole in U. I quote: "owing to the constant changes in U..."
So U is constantly changing... one would think heading to some sort of future. When it reaches this terminal age, then it will be complete.

Problem: what if U is complete in every state? What is U is in flux, but the flux is a part of U, and part of that which makes it complete.

I don't think I'm quailified to specify what makes U complete. The truth thinks you need all ying, no yang, but surely the completeness of U is based largely on the flux between the ying and the yang. Without The SHIT there is no STAR. Put the SHIT and the STAR in the HOLE and you get a complete equation. Thus the truth's universe would be largely incomplete.

So I don't know if theU is complete, but its more complete NOW than it would be if it was all STAR and no SHIT.
kx21 Name any Complete Entity you ever found in U...
Photophobe Ok.
Hypothesis A: Nothing is complete.

If this is true, then one entity which is complete is: Nothing!

If false, then,

Hypothesis B: Something is complete.

If this is true, then one entity which is complete is: Something!

If not A, then B.
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