andrea The fact that you intentionally
Hurt me is enough for me to
Imagine your unfortunate and
Everlasting torture at the hands of a
Former convict with a fetish for butts
the idiot but what
are tou still a wanker?
sssssssssss if your name is
boring then you are.
Is it meant to be thief? If so you have no proof of anything that may of been said at any point about me, unless it was me who said it, then I guess you can take that as a confession, not that I have anything to confess to because Iím good, and Iím far to nice for anything bad like that :)
TalviFatin I before E except after C, dumbass. No offense :) 010903
marissa steal rivers. 010903
Dafremen It's just a tradition now. I'm not here for any other reason except just that.(Damn thought I could fit more big words in there...crap) 010903
unhinged i'm sorry i was too drunk to remember what kissing you for the first time felt like 100707
what's it to you?
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