unhinged 'rebellion requires an emotional intelligence. it requires empathy and love. it requires self_sacrifice. it requires the honoring of the sacred. it requires an understanding that, as with the heroes in classical greece, one cannot finally overcome fate or fortuna, but that we must resist regardless.

...i do not know if we can build a better society. i do not even know if we will survive as a species. but i do know that these corporate forces have us by the throat. and they have my children by the throat. i do not fight fascists because i will win. i fight fascists because they are fascists. and this is a fight that in the face of the overwhelming forces against us requires that we follow those possessed by sublime_madness, that we become stone catchers and find in acts of rebellion the sparks of life, an intrinsic meaning that lies outside the possibility of success. we must grasp the harshness of reality at the same time as we refuse to allow this reality to paralyze us. people of all creeds and people of no creeds must make an absurd leap of faith to believe, despite all the empirical evidence around us, that the good draws to it the good. the fight for life goes somewhere - the buddhists call it karma - and in these acts we make possible a better world, even if we cannot see one emerging around us. - chris hedges
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