For sure! another good word to look at and say, "wow....what a funky word" 000712
monadh he said we would meet again someday
on a spring morning
when the rains came rushing
in some crowded café

I said we would
meet again in the summertime
in those green fields where the chestnuts grew

and I always thought it would be
sooner than never
somewhere closer to heaven
a reunion of the souls
cresentwhench I forgot the tell him
the most important thing
before we met,
i had a rendezvous fling

in the light of the moon
on a summ'ry night
hearing the song of the loon
on lusts fanciful flight

cattails dancing
on the summers breeze
lovers entwined together
we laughed at what we pleased

no longer remember
the nights events
memories faid away
nothing more to say

(I never got laid)
correction tape cresentwhench ....fade 021228
lostgirl then i'm through with you 101217
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