amy it strikes my fancy to follow your suits. the copycat in me says, i need a new name too! and besides, i might be slightly different in a guise. like reading or writing a story that it is me yet not me. what events will take place then? or watching a movie that has familiar characters, and what happens. now, how i would so love to be U, how romantic is that? (erotic? that i'm unsure about) but i find that i must come down from abstraction and into fiction. i have not read my character for many years...i think bad things happened to her. nonetheless, my experience as amy tells me that my character is bound to be fraught with significance. but i still wasn't so sure yesterday, hemming and hawing all the livelong. three_words urged me, you know you want to. i do, i want to. yes, yes i think i'm sure now--I want to be Tess. it'll be a challenge for sure. i will think on it much as i fly again to the sinister side of this continent. 991229
Tess but don't be surprised when i can't help but be amy sometimes. 991229
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