typhoid encloses the sky and caves in. makes everything below cold and wet.. and often miserable. a breif glimpse up.. a flash of blue amongst the sea of grey. then it pours. i get soaked. sill recovering from all_night, feels quite odd.. 000222
silentbob I forgot what i wanted to say
but its right on the tip of my mind
so i recite to myself Mnemonic Devices to break out the idea thats trapped right inside
but instead my heart comes pouring out, spilling on my shirt and squirting in your eye
Just my luck. I should have expected as much from the raincloud stalking me from overhead. just wishing the lightning would strike me dead.
Syrope in the distance, pregnant with some promise of release...full of some dark burden 020324
distorted tendencies It turned out to be snow. 020325
unhappy face poohbear 050214
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