...if i had a six foot long aquarium...
rowbes Bachelor #0 trudges through green waters with sword in hand. the piranha don't want his decayed flesh, though they feed on his hopes and dreams. Bachelor #0 trudges onward searching the endless green abyss for a beam of light to call his own beam of light. He no longer posesses his spirit for while he slept it oozed onto the floor, was soaked into the rug, which was thrown into the trash, which was taken to the curb where it was stolen by a thief, who took it out on his boat, which sank into the sea, was eaten by a serpent, which swam to the center of the earth, and was buried in the molten rock.
Bachelor #0 prepares for his battle against the molten rock. The pirahna swim eagerly around his feet.
eyedream if i met you en realite i would spend the whole time staring at you and never say a word but my mind would be buzzing

and you would find out all my thoughts at blather

Rowbes Thank you for finding my first blathe ever!

If you did meet me, I probably wouldn't tell you who I was.
Sorry, that's just the way I am.
I would just order a double-scoop and ask for a video recommendation.

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