wallaby It's depressing to think of all the people who you pass by in the world.
Who are passerbys.. whom no one ever pays attention to.

I would try to grasp each person's essence, to attempt to know them in the few seconds that our lives connect..

but I think my brain might become exhausted and die.
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black hunter One day I was walking by
With a walkman on
When I caught a guy
Giving me an awkard eye
I strangled him off in the parking lot
Whether he's crunk or not
I don't give a fuck if it's dark or not

Do you ever think of yourself as one of those passers-by?
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epitome of incomprehensibility So we are in a movie. Alright? We are in a movie. We are in a Hollywood glamorized plasticized world and the camera focuses on the star. You glance past the deliberately-downcast eyes, the straightened hair, and you see someone walking by in the street. Let's say an oldish lady, walking a dog. Imagine if we were to just abandon the stars and their manicured glances and focus on that woman. Her dog, even. The fly buzzing around the dog's tail. Can you focus multiple lenses?
Where are we when we are multivariable?
Are you just a passerby?
what's it to you?
who go