The Schleiffen Man what i worked today.... exactly 3 hours and twenty minutes of extra computer configurations.... and i won't get paid... at least not an overtime rate... i'll get 3 hours and twenty minutes off in exchange for my dedication later on in the future... god bless america. 000714
Zeroshin damn the lazy bastards who didn't come in for work. Time and half my ass. Find me another job. 010118
the spork schleiffen got a raw deal...

i get 1.5 hours off for every hour i contribute, but, of course, even that rarely gets approved
silentbob tanya goes to work at 3PM and comes home at 12 am. but lately she's been working over time so it's really really late if i wanted to call. 2 am.
I wish she'd come back...
hsg OT has gotten me out of a financial hole.

save 10% of what you make, no matter what.

if there's not enough, get enough to save 10%.

this advice was given to me and I am forever grateful for having taken it.
what's it to you?
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