miniver Maybe I've just never felt particularly committed, though, in the first place. If a person takes anything seriously enough, then drastic changes do require drastic measures. Drastic looks melodramatic to me because I keep (or try to keep? or like to think I keep?) relatively unattached and cynicical, and I am (though I may complain and argue and keep up the futile search) quite fine and comfortable with the lack of ultimate meaning and justification and certainty for existence and other small things...at least, compared to a untruthful but 'faithful' alternative. Which, now I type it, seems unrelated. What I mean is, you know: blathe, don't blathe...we'll see what happens, we'll see what we can do, we'll see what good things come about or what bad, and what time will pass. It is almost Christmas Holidays! And my birthday before that, even! You see? Anything can distract me, really. But that is me. And I am passion deficient, and too full of inane theories and theory-mechanisms and even recurring-theory-mechanistic-literate-structure, I am noticing, which is pitiable.

So, in that case, I do see. That is, I think I may see. And making a statement actually makes admirable sense, too.
morphine. of course i love you
of course i care
of course of course of course

its off course. off the course, i love you. off the course, i care. off the course, off the course, off the course.
ask mr. fashion of course i'm allergic to my beret 060708
what's it to you?
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