ClairE So why do I care? 031016
stork daddy because strangers and friends can still wrong us. we have expectations we didn't know we had. 031016
neesh to say i do not love you is a lie,
and yet i hasten not to say i do,
let's leave unasked the whats wherefores and whys,
i care for you; i know so much is true.

to say i do not love you is to say:
i love no one now, and will not again,
not fall for love for very many days.
sure cupid shall strike and heaven forfend!

i'll love again one day. and it will hurt,
of that i'm certain as i am of this:
to love or not love is no grave state,
but if for you it meant one moment's bliss,

with blazing fire and ogres i would fight,
or little poems, perhaps, i'd write.
Doar . 051107
silentbob And they say it isn't love
Because love doesn't suffocate
It breathes
what's it to you?
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