ItGirl "You can always get it right next time."

It's about hope. It's a commitment. The unspoken agreement to "next time" And we know what we are doing, even though we pretend it's just a game. We know where we stand... or sit or recline comfortably...((or uncomfortably))

There is always next time.

And there is. If I died today... I would be contented in my last breath with the knowledge that I said goodbye. That I did not promise you forever, but if I live for a million years I will be content with the knowledge of "next time"

It's a promise... a covenant... a vow...

never written... never spoken... with leeway as far as we can run.

yet... well...

There's always next time.
once again Merry Fucking Christmas. 040818
love & hate next time... there will be no next time... 040819
sahba not for her it wont
but it will always be next time for ladakh:D
uow "we give fire to the woman"
or something like that
uow *give the fire 040819
god next time i eat pressure_washed_bran flakes i will add some sandblasted_raisins cause lately there's been a lack of sweetness in my life 041012
Doar I'm tired of the dating scene. Next time I'm just renting an escort. 050711
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