Myrrdin Although the Nature Spirits are themselves an integral part of the angelic interstellar lifewaves, they have a greater ability to manifest on and function in the denser vibrational frequencies of the universal continuum than the light beings generally categorized as angels. Nature Spirits Fairies Trees Articles include: Celts and the Otherworldly Natural World, Dandelion Deva Helps to Increase Zestfull Living, Elemental Air Earth Fire Water Nature Spirits, Four Kinds of Nature Spirit Kindred Tribes, Hibiscus Deva Helps Restore Spiritual Intimacy, Holly Deva Helps Open Hearts to Compassion, Landscape Ancestral Spirits of Aboriginal Australia, Morning Glory Deva Helps Attune Behavioral Rhythms, Sacred Fires and Elementals in Alchemical Traditions, Sacred Pathway of Elder Hallowed Heathenry, Sunflower Deva Helps Awaken Radiant Individuality.

Many Ancient Civilizations and practitioners of Natural World orientated, Sacred Pathways recognized their valuable contribution to the overall development and harmonic balance of the planetary evolutionary spirals.

The Land, the Divine Forest, the Sacred Groves, and the Holy Wells were enlivened and hallowed by the presence of the Nature Spirits.

From the dancing blue tipped flames of the hearth fire to the sparkling golden candle lights of the lapping brook, the elemental beings of air, water, fire, and earth enliven and sanctify all the Days and Ways of the landscape of daily living.

All the cultures have different names for the Nature Spirits like the Irish Sidhe and the German Kobold. Some of the English language equivalents you may be familiar with might include: brownies, elves, dwarves, fairies, fauns, gnomes leprechauns, and pixies to name a few.
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