Q See mitochindia 000908
Q No, I mean mitochondia.

I think I need another beer.
unhinged he was sitting at the other end of the table with her explaining something he saw on tlc or something and i think she resented me. he didn't know what they were. they are the 'kitchen of the cell' where all the energy is processed. it's amazing what you retain from the sixth grade. 021120
jane really...i always knew these suckers as the "powerhouse" of the cell...


i remember laying there with him once in my bed, and we were talking. him, being a biochemistry-enology double major, started getting all excited about how interesting the parts in a cell are. and i said something like, whoa...i don't care. i feel like that's how it's been for us, you know? we can't open up to each other ever because the other one pushes away. like the opposing poles of a magnet
eddie monster interesting, but in bed.
there had to be other things to talk about.
like who won the monster truck race or something. joking
thats a little creepy
what's it to you?
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