silentbob i just wish i could misinterpret things closer to the truth 010304
alkalinepixie he kissed me last nite. it was all perfect-like where the boy walks you to yer door and you hug and then he kisses you honestly. like girls should be kissed. and then i told him to be careful bcuz he falls asleep sometimes when he drives and he had just fallen asleep while we were sitting in the car. he just turned around and smiled at me and then ran away and got into the car and drove real fast. i called him on his cell phone and he was screaming along to the impossibles to stay awake. god dont let me ruin this. 010304
alkalinepixie i mistook his gagging fer a smile... 010304
Ouroboros shows up as nostalgia, longing.
it's really a common misinterpretation
of trying to avoid the perceived pains of the
present and projected pains of the future
by trying to hide in the past.

but, i don't fully believe this.
what's it to you?
who go