zeke awake to find i know a thing and no genesis of this idea is within the knowing it is in and around my ideation as a voice from the future responds to a question i never asked. 040108
jane interesting. i know this word from another source. 040116
oE computational algorhythym..and er ah something about culteral, anthropological replication, infestation, introduction, propogation w/in a sub-strata, cultural, social, economic..blah enclave or wider periphery..blah..oh and ah has something to do with an analogous study relating to genetics..chromosomal..something or other..too mcuh crap in my head..though about the computer algorhythmic stuff..that's kinda hazy to me.. 040116
zeke Richard Dawkins of evolutionary fame, i believe coined the word. he was struggling to find a cognitive analog to the biological concept of a gene pool and the transfer of dna information between indivuals. It has come to mean an ostensibly self replicating idea. Viral marketers frequently use this word. 040117
hsg an echo throughout consciousness.


that quote is about a meme.
z virulent idea swarm, self replicating catastrophy of shared truth, knowing without knowing the source of the known, idea bombs scattering idiology, the vector of inculturation and the inculcator of what we can know. 050720
z rampant! the word thouts attack, ranging far from their targets and laying paths to run on in the singing of history floods over westen lands into every mouth and heart and stops. 060724
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