elimeny i was searching, and i guess i still am. to find someone not that different, someone who would understand why i react the way i do, why im obsessive about the few pennies i have, why i am the way i am. i want someone like me, who puts up an act, but puts it right back down whenever the occasion arises. maybe someone slightly better than i am.. maybe it would encourage me to improve?

the other day i was taking a shower, and just out of nowhere, this sudden burst of loneliness struck me. i hate those moments. usually im okay just keeping a lookout... but sometimes im not so patient.

there are lots of people here like me i think... i wish i knew everyone here better. some i used to know much better, and i walked away... i do that sometimes.

ive been here many years. i used to just use it as a platform to vent. and now ive started noticing the other people... the people i want to know. i like that better.
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