what if The best and only way of getting back at you is to not remember.

Not remember you.

Because you're just trying to be remembered when you're gone right?

So. Obliterate. I will not remember.

I will not remember you.
sirflaccid Why do I feel like this may end up to being blown out of proportion.


Maybe I wanted to clear the air.
Maybe I wanted to be the stand-up guy.
Maybe I wanted to apologize.
Maybe I wanted to approach someone as an adult.
Maybe I wanted to develop my own opinion.
Maybe I wanted to show someone that it isn't all black and white.
Maybe I wanted to prove that to myself as well.
Maybe I wasn't trying to win.
Maybe I just wanted to have a beer with the guy so things might not be so awkward.

I do not mean to intervene, begin, or end anything. That is not my role.
What happens on your end; happens on your end.
What happens on our end; happens on our end.
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