ethereal They said you dropped out of school.


Josh. HUA! That's what my Dad used to call you.

I threw your ring in the snow in ECS, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry for ripping up your birthday invitation in Grade one. And for yelling at you when you were at the pool, for getting water in my soup. (but it was pool water, come on!!)

Haha, my 11th birthday was fun. You closed your eyes while skating, and I'm not sure who did it intentionally but we ended up holding hands. I was all excited. (wish I could say hot and bothered)

I wonder what you look like now? Why you dropped out of school? What you did with your life? Do you remember MRs. Elaschuk and Sunday school? I remember going to your church once for Christmas, well not knowing you were there, it was kind of exciting. We were both so good when we were young hey?

What the fuck happened?

I'm probably just as messed up as you.
what's it to you?
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