freakizh 4 great letters to define freak.
paranoid martyr woo! it appeared as three_words:
issa teri turkey

the odds for that one..?
silentbob have i loved 030813
Joy The glue in a collage.
The issa.
pete the name of a tibetan 'living buddha' from the early years of the CE... preached a form of monotheism 'from the west.'

issa = jesus?
From the editorial desk of birdmad Issa / Isa is the Arabic equivalent of Jesus

Issa is also the last name of a really shitty, shady US Congressman from one of the districts around San Diego, he's the one that started the recall drive that removed Gray Davis from office, He's got close ties to Titab Corporation, one of the private security contractors with ties to the Abu Ghraib Prison scandal and if i recall correctly may be slated to be the subject of an ethics probe regarding himself, a couple of other congressmen and Qualcomm over improprietites relating to a contract between Qualcomm and the Department of Defense.

The irony of the California recall is that Ken Lay, the head of the company that personally bent the State of California over the table (ENRON) and fucked it royally into the ground was finally indicted by a grand jury on charges related to ENRON's collapse. most likely the same types of securities fraud charges to which other ENRON executives have since plead guilty.

Wonder how Dubya feels to know his buddy Ken is finally up on charges.
Joy quoting Dar And I'll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends
But I really just have friends
high koo hey boatman,
no pissing on the moon
in the waves.

-issa, 1792
paranoid martyr aww, issa the poet.

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