god and sorry for the misspelling too 010513
the one my mom tells me to read articles in the newspaper on all these drug topics, but she always tells me to read them right before im going out to get fucked up and party. then i read the damn shit and i feel guilty the whole time im getting fucked up. What an inconvienence 011203
mr song sorry 070609
Silvery Sports Car oh it's so inconvenient i want to buy another Porsh !

huh ! why a Porsh? everyones got one of those !

once you have gotten ridden of your poverty, and your competition, everyone could have a Porsh why make crap cars?

it's not about being fair, it's about being cool, why don't they make the world look cool like they do in the films ? Imagination wasn't there just for nothing, Syd Mead knows that !
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