jillian. so he says is your name jillian are you the same girl thats been invading me and im not really even sure that he knows me. im not really sure he cares to.
he wants to wait forever.
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Sintina sometimes I just like to feel things.

The corporal precense of an object against my fingertips is something I may never have again after death. Touch is something that makes us alive... physical not spiritual... present and connected to all that is around us.

such a simple thing, so easy to overlook

Taking your shoes off for a walk through the woods makes all the difference.

Really caress your fingertips across a surface you normally take for granted...

like the steerng wheel. Car steering wheels feel so great... really touch it. Touch something mundane like it is the last thing you will ever feel with your skin ever again in this life.

The miniscule textural sensations of the keyboard, the mouse, the desk...

sometimes I just like to feel things.
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FA113N Of your shoes on my heart. Four inch heels. role_reversal and daylight creeping through the blinds 120724
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