lovers lament for my father. rest in peace, although there was no such thing when you were alive 001122
Rhin how long will it last? when will that day come, when i will only look back, at what you were, and who you were, and only think of the good things? the events of your last day, continue to play, in detail, in my mind, every day. when will that time come, when a smile lights my face, as i think of you? 001122
Or Should I Change? It makes a life sad to have never grieved and to have never had anything to grieve over.

I wish I wasn't alone
sab takes such a long time 070211
daf For the grieving and those who have passed on:

The All does not dispose of that which is of value. They will be back. You will play together again. Different outfit. Different dance. Same laughter.
what's it to you?
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