walrie he woke up wearing his pajamas
wondering what the day might bring
he hoped it was green dinosaurs dancing in ballroom
whitechocolatewalrus he put his thumb in his mouth knowing that would not happen and hopped back in bed. 050725
there was a single trail of footprints
tracked through the dust as the roof sighed and slumped towards the floor

the bronze domed roof had gone green
as the artist had known it would
and the empty rooms were now used for coping blue films
which noone had known they would

and in an abandoned room, right at the back
a young girl opened her legs regularly
to a stranger
to pay her rent

she turned her head
to watch the sparrows flight
and the trash dance on the wind
and she dreamed of a safe place
and drew dust faries on the floor
when she was alone

and every week
he scuffed them over
as he came to collect
on her secret
whoops . 050725
what's it to you?
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