josh maybe you meant glove? 030531
User24 no no, glvoe is a molecule that is in your blood, helping, erm,, ok no, I meant glove. 030531
j lvoe 030531
endless desire how exactly would you say that?
ggg(elll)vvv(ooo)e(being silent)

kind of sounds like go-lev when i say it. god i'm messed up. ha_ha_ha
jane check out welsh
almost no vowels


[a town in wales]
it means:

"st. mary's church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the church of st. tysilio near the red cave"
endless desire whooooa 030615
pobodys nerfect Seeing the words "white hazel" reminded me of happier times back when I was a green hazel. I sure do miss those days.. *sad sigh*

User 24--Come on, spill the beans!
"Glvoes" are just fancy names for better and trendier gloves, aren't they?! Dammit! *mutters aloud* And here I thought I was being cool in wearing toe socks... well this just ruined my day! ;)
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