stork daddy i'm sorry i'm sorry, i didn't know the train rides aren't free over here.

you aren't going to cheat me you filthy american...i'll show you george w. bush!

why do you keep calling me that?
stork daddy wow...i can't believe that i just christened such a loaded word with such a lame blathe. 031229
mon the seven daughters of eve 031229
Asylum Bound mmm europeans..I once heard that europeans are great kissers.

I did get my answer soon enough. WOW!!
I can die happy now.
KUNG Fu oh, check out the plankton

go on, walk away quickly boy,
it's no use you getting emotional especially when you can't control it, i'd better go to the next beach then.

"I don't want it to happen again", oh, well most men just go in their cave, why do you choose to go swimming with me then?
what's it to you?
who go