aaahhhhhhh! if you drink enough of them you feel like you snorted a line or two.

red bull's got my starting pointless blathes.
misstree shivering too disorderly to apply order
taurine or guarana or something
that tries to sound natural swimming in
chemical rot and syrup
attacking the insides, cackling
in a way that negates
any productive effects it lends.

keep me in coffee, thankyouverymuch.
mr song i can actually see that happen with me own eyes when i drink a monster 070610
hsg there was an interesting book that suggested our bodies are stimulated by toxins, that that "kick" we get (and some depend on) is our body drawing on deeper energy reserves to process poison faster. short of adrenal_burnout our bodies seems to benefit from the overdrive.

alas though! clarity, cleanliness is the source of energy FLOW.

it seems a mild poison shocks the system into a flow of information.

temporary seems this approach. like a plan_B.

primarily hitso way of facing_forward by cleaning.
what's it to you?
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