startfires divine spelled incorrectly 001205
littleidiot the last name of a guy who was in my grade 7/8 split class. 021127
god andy devine had a thong rind 050522
TK In the past I seriously considered re-naming myself Devin, for two reasons the main one being that all you had to do was add an E on to the end to make me DevinE and the lesser reason being that if your girlfriend asked you who you were just talking to on the phone you could say Devin and she would think youíre most likely talking to one of the guys. Maybe it's just me but I really dislike jealous GF's especially when theirs nothing for them to be jealous over, thus with the name Devin I rid myself and said guy of the Jealous GF factor.
And besides I think a chic w/ a guys name is kinda hot. Like Jo for Josephine or Tony for Tonya or even Ray for Rachel I cant explain it theirs just something so hot about that.
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