birdmad best when high and impenetrable 001127
misstree there's always a back door
guarded by an insane dwarf
silentbob all my safety nets are ripping at the seams 001128
chanaka a good defense is second best to a good offense
so you can pound on my walls all you want
forget it. you aren't getting in
*laugh* *point*
miniver "What birds fly through is not intimate space
in which a form arises.
In the open air you would be dispossessed of yourself

Space extends out from us and connects to a thing.
To effect the presence of a tree
put innerspace around it
from the pure space that is in you.
Surround it with restraint.
It has no limits.
Only in the containment of your renouncing
will it truly be a tree."
Commodin Something that keeps you sane but drives anyone trying to get to know you insane 040112
tchiseen the toronto maple leafs have like, one of the best in the league i always hope they win the cup but the playoffs are always tough on them 040503
what's it to you?
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