e_o_i A beautiful colour... like majenta and whatever the other was... 060217
Or maybe chartreuse? Sienna? Was it sienna? 060217
e_o_i is sky blue I'm pretty sure it was fuchsia. But fuchsia seems to be a controversial colour - people can't seem to decide whether it means dark pink or reddish purple or something in between. Also, past self, magenta is spelled magenta. You're getting it mixed up with majesty. You're welcome, past self. 140918
Lemon_Soda One of four.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and BlacK.

Black with a capital K because RGB took the capital B for the same.

I'm a production manager and I run a giant digital press now. These are my colors. I even have a t shirt that says 'Printers dream in CMYK"

I prefer cobalt and teal.
e_o_i Too true. I grew up thinking bright red (orange-red) was the primary red, but you need a pinkish-red to mix with both yellow and blue. I realized that when I did a little painting.

Geeky T-shirts make me grin. A friend who was in math used to have one with an italic "i" (the symbol for the square root of -1, your basic unreal number) struck through, and the caption "Keeping it real" underneath.
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